Welcome to Timberland Outfitters-- a trusted name in the outdoor world for over a decade.

We’re proud of the honorable reputation we have earned. TLO has established itself on providing quality over quantity!  With a professional commitment and passionate dedication to each of our hunts we have been rewarded with remarkable success rates!  With our genuine concern and personal attention given to each hunter and their tags we will continue to provide a world class quality hunting experience for all of our clients and our guides as well.

There is no question that Arizona provides some of the best, fair chase, public land hunting in the US.  Arizona has 11 big game species distributed throughout incredibly diverse habitat, making it a worldwide hunting destination.  Trophy quality in this state is first class.  Hard earned tags should not be taken lightly.  We hope you will let Timberland Outfitters make your hunting memories all they can be.

Make hunting and fishing a family affair!  Teach your children the importance of the outdoors.  Keep family traditions alive or create new ones by passing the outdoor heritage to the next generation. It's worth is priceless!

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