Guided and Outfitted Buffalo Hunts


The American Bison
There are two types of Arizona Buffalo hunts. The "Raymond Ranch" herd and the "House Rock Wildlife Area" herd. They are completely different hunts!

*Raymond Ranch*
Arizona's Raymond Ranch hunt is a great opportunity for harvesting a buffalo. The hunt is controlled by the AZ Game and Fish and designated buffalo are taken. This hunt is in easy terrain and an easier way to harvest a buffalo. One of the things that catches hunters off guard on this hunt is taking care of their downed animal before it spoils! If you would like Timberland Outfitters to assist you on your Raymond Ranch hunt and getting your trophy properly taken care of and out of the field, we would be glad to help! Please give us a call and I'm sure we can work something out!

If you do not already have a buffalo permit for the Raymond Ranch hunt, one may be obtained through the lottery draw process from the Arizona Game and Fish.  An Arizona buffalo permit is one of the hardest permits to draw in the state, so it may take several years of obtaining bonus points.

*House Rock Wildlife Area*
Buffalo hunting in Arizona on the North Kaibab or as most know it, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, is a world renowned opportunity and experience! This is one of only a couple of herds of Bison in the world that are recognized by Boone and Crocket and other record books as "Fair Chase!" This hunt takes place in some of Arizona's most beautiful and wild backcountry. These Bison are considered to be the hardest to hunt of the true free ranging herds! Each hunt is its own beautiful and unique adventure and lifetime experience! This all adds to an awe inspiring hunt that is hard to put into words!

If you do not already have a buffalo permit for the HRWA, there are several ways of getting one! 

First, you can buy or win one of the auction or raffle tags. If you would like TLO to act as proxy to bid on one of the auction tags please let us know and we can take care of it for you. This is the best tag to have with a year round season!

Second, a permit may be obtained through the lottery draw process from the Arizona Game and Fish.  An Arizona buffalo permit is one of the hardest permits to draw in the state, so it make take several years of obtaining bonus points before drawing one of these world famous permits. This is a great tag to have with a long and liberal season!

Third, you may obtain a "Population Management Permit" through a population management permit lottery draw by turning in a Game and Fish Population Management Seasons Hunt Application.

Fourth, if you draw a unit 12 Kaibab deer permit you can purchase an "Over The Counter" Buffalo tag to coincide with your hunt.

With all these permit options and the HRWA herd at an all time high, this is truly the "hay day" of the House Rock buffalo hunt and the most sought after bison permits in the world!

Timberland Outfitters is very experienced in successfully hunting the Arizona House Rock buffalo herd during all times of the year! Whether it be a Fully Outfitted buffalo hunt or a Guided Only buffalo hunt, I'm sure we can work out a hunt that works for you.  

*A Special Note straight out of the AZGFD Regulations Booklet*

"HOUSE ROCK BUFFALO HUNT SPECIAL NOTE: During the fall and spring hunts at the House Rock Wildlife Area (HRWA), a significant portion of the herd has in the past moved to the Grand Canyon National Park where hunting is not allowed. Hunters are advised that if this occurs, their ability to successfully harvest a buffalo may be significantly impacted. As with any hunt, circumstances beyond the control of the Arizona Game and Fish Department may prevent the permit holder from being successful. The Arizona Game and Fish Department and Commission disclaims any responsibility to reissue or replace a permit, to reinstate bonus points, to refund any fees, or to provide any other form of relief. The HRWA buffalo hunt is considered to be one of the most difficult hunts in the state. Buffalo can be difficult to locate. Plan on spending the entire season hunting, as an abbreviated hunt will lower your chances of success. Buffalo hunters must dress and care for their own animals; the Department will not assist. Take time to improve your physical condition. Hunters are often required to walk considerable distances (up to 8 miles) every day over rugged terrain. House Rock hunters should be prepared for remote and primitive conditions. High clearance or four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Some portions of HRWA are included in the U.S. Forest Service wilderness system that does not preclude hunter access but does limit their means of transportation and equipment usage." AZGFD./

This Special Note from the AZ Game and Fish, along with the fact that the majority of the small percentage of hunters that actually do get the opportunity to harvest a buffalo are just not prepared to handle a large animal upwards of 1000 to 1800+ lbs! Many hunters quickly realize they are "in over their head" if they are lucky enough to get a buffalo on the ground and end up losing much of, if not all of their meat and hide. Please don't go unprepared! The Timberland Outfitters team is well versed in the HRWA Buffalo Hunt and will take care of all aspects of 
your Once In A Lifetime Experience!

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