Combination Hunting Trips

Combining more than one game species into a single hunting experience is every hunter’s dream. Combination hunts are highly sought after around the world from Alaska to Africa. With 11 big game species and a unique variety of small game opportunities in Arizona, TLO is proud to present our share of the fun. TLO’s combo hunts provide daily and day long shooting opportunities. These packages are truly first class trophy hunts and are sure to please every hunter. 

Southwestern Safari Hunt

Javelina & Dove Hunting

Archery Mule Deer Combo: Includes archery Mule deer, archery turkey, Blue Grouse, and predators. (Early September- Trophy velvet hunt) This hunt takes place on the world famous Kaibab Plateau made famous by its quality herd of Mule Deer. Merriam’s Turkey and Blue Grouse are also very abundant.

Southwestern Safari: Includes archery mule deer or coues deer, archery Javelina, quail, dove, and predators. (January- Trophy rut hunt) This hunt takes place in Southeastern Arizona where the game is plentiful and the weather is absolutely beautiful this time of year!

Black Bear Combo: Depending on hunt dates black bear may be included in your deer or elk hunts. 

Buffalo Combo: As of 2005 if you draw a trophy Kaibab rifle deer tag you may purchase an “over the counter” buffalo tag for the world famous house rock buffalo herd! This is a very unique opportunity to obtain a once draw only permit. This herd is truly wild and is one of the only herds to be recognized by the record books. It is unclear how long this opportunity will last. Contact TLO for more details on hunts, dates and prices.

All combination hunts (except Buffalo) are a full seven days of hunting.

Fully Outfitted Combination Hunts: Click here to view our hunting rates

Special Notes: As always physical condition will improve your trophy opportunities. The price above does not include license and tag fees. Archery deer, archery turkey, and fall bear tags are over-the-counter tags. Javelina tags are draw only permits, but the areas we hunt are 100% draw. With such easily obtainable tags our combo hunts are convenient to plan and are great for group, family, or corporate hunts.