Coues Deer Hunting Trips

Coues deer hunting is quickly becoming a passion among serious hunters worldwide. This beautiful animal respectfully earns its nickname the “Gray Ghost” of the Southwest. This sleek deer stands in a class all its own and should not be compared to an Eastern Whitetail. Hunting him demands superb optics and glassing skills as well as excellent stalking and long range shooting abilities. Hunts are often comparable to desert bighorn sheep hunts. The high desert terrain that the coues inhabits is unique only to the Southwest and adds a special flavor to every hunt. If you haven’t caught coues deer fever yet, you’re missing out!

Coues Whitetail Deer Hunter

Coues deer hunts include seven full days of hunting.
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Trophy rifle/muzzleloader coues deer (rut hunt): Last half of Dec
Trophy rifle coues deer (pre- rut): Mid-Nov

“General rifle” coues deer- 4 day hunt: Late Oct
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Archery coues deer (velvet hunt): Last half Aug
Trophy archery coues deer (rut hunt): Dec/Jan 

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Special Notes: Prices do not include license and tag fees. As always rut hunts and physical abilities will improve your trophy opportunities. The areas we hunt consistently produce record class coues deer. Many of TLO’s guides and associates live in the heart of coues deer country. This enables us to keep track of bucks on a year-round basis using video recorders and trail cameras. TLO keeps excellent tabs on Arizona’s coues deer units and routinely produces 100% shooting opportunity on mature bucks.