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Javelina Hunters

Another Javelina Taken with a Bow

Collared Peccary more commonly referred to as javelina, are just down right fun to hunt! This unique pig-like animal is native only to the southwest and Mexico. Every winter TLO looks forward to getting out of the cold and heading to southern Arizona to pursue javelina. The weather is beautiful this time of year and often, only a long sleeve shirt is needed. Combine the beautiful weather and the uniqueness of hunting these unpredictable little tuskers and you’ll know why we say that javelina hunting is just down right fun. They say that the javelina was made for the archery hunter but they are a worthy game animal no matter what way you choose to hunt. 

Javelina hunts are a full 4 days of hunting.
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Rifle javelina: Late Feb
Muzzleloader javelina: Early Feb
Archery javelina: Jan

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Special Notes: Above prices do not include license and tag fees. Javelina hunts are draw only permits, but the areas we hunt are 100% draw. So planning a hunt is easy to do. All our javelina hunts are 100% success. The areas we hunt consistently produce larger than average size javelina.