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Bighorn Sheep Hunt

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Bighorn sheep permits in Arizona are highly sought after and hard to obtain. But with a once in a lifetime harvest and an improving bonus point system your number does come up. After drawing a tag your chance of harvesting a record book ram couldnít be better. If you have already drawn your tag, then donít let your once in a lifetime harvest be wasted. Donít settle for a second rate hunt or a lesser ram. TLO will find the best Class 4 rams that your unit can provide long before you arrive for your hunt. If you havenít yet drawn your tag, then take advantage of our licensing services. We will be sure you are applied for the highest quality areas. Whether you are looking to make the best of a bighorn sheep hunting trip or on a quest for a ďGrand SlamĒ of North American wild sheep, Timberland Outfitters is Arizonaís professional choice. 

All TLOís sheep hunts are a full ten days of hunting.

Trophy desert & rocky mountain bighorn sheep hunt: Dec
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Special Notes: Prices do not include license and tag fees. As always physical condition will improve your trophy opportunities. All TLO sheep hunts are at least one on one. Although, with the passion we have for sheep there will likely be several guides per hunter. This will further increase your chances for an Arizona record class ram.